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11: 9 Ways to Build and Strengthen Your Network to Grow Your Business

by | Dec 27, 2021 | Podcast

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9 Ways to Build and Strengthen your network to grow your business (the undeniable power of community and collaboration!)


Relationship building has the absolute highest ROI when it comes to growing your business. Having a solid list of personal connections that are either potential clients or referral partners (if they aren’t your ICA) that can refer clients to you is one of the best asset your business can have!

1. Identify ‘collaboration partners’ – product or service providers that share your ideal clients and partner up with them to share your audiences. It’s a Win/win – you build your audience’s trust by providing them with another amazing service provider they need and you gain access to a fresh crowd of potential clients with their audience Look for yoga teachers, life coaches, meditation coaches, personal trainers, nutritionists/dietitians to grow your collab squad!

2. Participate in a JV (joint venture) digital giveaway – connect with a group of collaboration partners for a hosted digital giveaway, where you all have a freebie to give away. The group all promotes the giveaway to their own list and their social media audience, allowing all of you to grow your own email list and social media following.

3. Do a virtual summit – like a giveaway but instead of a freebie you’re presenting on your topic of expertise. Look for upcoming summits where your ideal client is likely to be attending.

4. Stay in touch! Put it on your daily to-do list to reach daily to at least 5 contacts. You’ve probably heard the quote: “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago… the next best time is today.” Waiting until you have something to sell/pitch to try to grow your potential leads list is a huge mistake. (we all have that high school friend who slides into the DM’s after 20 years of silence to recruit you into their direct sales business, right??) Don’t be that guy. Stay in contact regularly with people in your network (other coaches, past clients, and potential clients) by checking in, being genuinely interested in what’s happening with them, wishing them a happy birthday, or forwarding content you think they’ll like (In other words, just be helpful!)

5. Do a podcast tour – Podcast hosts are almost always looking for guests to provide expertise to their audience (ask me how i know!). Research podcasts that share your ideal client (remember we talked about collaboration partners?), so it’s not a competitor but someone who already has the attention and trust of your ideal client and be sure to share so much value that both the host and the audience will want to find a spot in your network!

6. Routinely reach out to past clients to see if they know anyone who is looking for help with whatever it is you offer. They may know someone (maybe them?) if nothing else, it reminds them that you are ‘their guy’ they know to send people to

7. Promote your local businesses on your social media – while we mostly focus here on the online aspect of business, don’t overlook the power of the Shop Local movement in your community! Your business may be virtual but that doesn’t mean all of your clients have to be miles away to hire you!

8. Grow an email list and connect with your subscribers regularly – Create an amazing freebie that captures the email address of your ideal client and provides them with a quick win will start the trust building process on day 1! Share this lead magnet in all of your social media platform bios, on your website, and on the podcasts you’ll be appearing on.

9. Join a membership collective of like-minded health and wellness experts (like you’ll find in the Profitable Health Coach Collective – doors open soon!) We will be hosting regular events to help you connect with amazing collaboration partners!

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