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14: The 6 Levels of a Profitable Health Coaching Business!

by | Dec 27, 2021 | Podcast

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The 6 Levels of a Profitable Health Coaching Business!

Where you are in your business actually determines the best strategy for growth!

What works for a newer coach is not as effective for seasoned coaches who are ready to move to the next level!

What level are you?

Level 1

You’re just starting out, no clients, no social proof. Just a certification and a personal network (good news, that’s all you need to get started – plus some of the free tools I shared in episode 12!)

Your goal: Work with your first 1:1 clients and collect testimonials

Level 2

You’ve worked with a handful of clients and they’ve gotten some amazing results! They’ve given you some great testimonials to use as social proof to help you attract MORE clients.

You have plenty of room in your calendar to take on more 1:1 coaching clients but you’re not totally comfortable yet putting yourself out there.

You are also are still working on narrowing down your ideal client avatar and messaging and still have a very manual process for all of the systems in your business (onboarding, payments, program delivery, offboarding, customer service, lead generation, sales, and marketing)

Your goal: Work with enough 1:1 clients to buy back your time and to create systems in your business.

Level 3

You’re maxed out with 1:1 clients calendar-wise and now you’re looking for a way to create more space in your life and your business because you know you can help more people.

You’re solid on your ideal client, have pretty much created a systemetized approach to solve the most common problems they have, and you are ready to scale your program.

Your goal: Create a signature program that streamlines the process you use with your clients and cuts down on the amount of work running your business requires.

Level 4

You have created a signature program that is unique to your business and makes the competition irrelevant.

Your methodology gets results (you have lots of proof!!) and sets you apart from the rest of your peers. You are the expert at what you do.

You have done enough market research so that you know your ideal client avatar backwards and forwards.

Your biggest struggle is that you’re still enrolling and working with clients one by one which is time consuming and inefficient.

Your goal: Create a system to enroll and work with multiple clients at one time.

Level 5

You have a group program that gets results and a recurring revenue stream for clients who’ve gone through your program.

Your biggest challenge is the lack of predictable monthly income as you’re still in the ‘get a client, help a client, get a new client’ hamster wheel of your signature program

Your goal: Create a recurring revenue stream as either a downsell or a maintenance plan for your signature program.

Level 6

Your business is a well oiled machine, with a team of support coaches and/or admins to help everything run smoothly. Your systems are solid for building visibility, generating new leads, and onboarding new clients into your programs.

You have predictable monthly income and you have freedom to build your brand with different projects or add more products and services without disturbing your current offers.

You are supported in the day to day activities of your business so you can oversee and operate like a CEO!

Your goal: Use the revenue and influence of your successful business to support your personal goals, have impact on your community, and be a changemaker for missions you support!

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