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16: The 4 Pillars of a profitable and sustainable health coaching business!

by | Dec 27, 2021 | Podcast

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 The 4 Pillars of a profitable and sustainable health coaching business



Today’s episode is about the 4 pillars that I discovered were really all you needed to have a successful, profitable, and sustainable business.

When I was creating my own health coaching business and signature program, Results Without Restriction, I totally took the long way to success I made all the mistakes (Day 2!) and spent way too much on tasks that really didn’t move my business forward.

Once I got to a really comfortable place with my business where it was profitable and sustainable (I literally 5x’d my income in a year!) I realized that my fastest growth was because I’d eliminated a lot of unnecessary noise and that my success was actually a result of specific activities I had become very intentional about doing.

I looked closer and I realized that these activities fell into 4 categories – just 4! Everything else I’d spent time on was a distraction and moved me away from my goal, not closer!

Pillar #1: STRATEGY

When I say Strategy I mean having an action plan that aligns with your vision, your goals, and your mission and values.

Not just any strategy, but having a very specific set of action tasks that directly tied to the needles I needed to move in my business. And what I learned also is that different phases of your business require different activities.


When you are first starting out your goals are different than when you’ve been in business for a year.

If you’ve never worked with clients and you’re just trying to make an extra thousand dollars each month, then the activities you need to work on are different than someone who is booked solid each month and looking to scale and buy back some of their time.


Is your goal to book 1:1 clients? Is your goal to create a digital product to generate passive income? Is your goal to increase your visibility? All of these goals are so different but more or less important based on where you are in your business!


So knowing what stage you’re at in building your profitable business (Day 7!) is critical to knowing exactly what your strategy should be!


I know you’re thinking – wait, isn’t action the same as strategy? But it’s not. Strategy is taking your goals and translating them into actions that when performed, will result in the outcomes you’re looking to achieve.

Strategy is not action, it’s the plan and the mapping of your goals to your activities, so that you know you’re doing things that have impact, but this pillar is all about the actual DOING of the actions, and CONSISTENTLY doing them daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly – whatever the strategy calls for!

In one of the top mistakes I see coaches making is using the spaghetti approach – trying all kinds of different things to grow their business but not actually being strategic about it, or giving it enough time and consistency to yield results.


Or they post once here, once there, send an email to their list once every 2 months… their audience never knows when they’re going to hear from them and the seeds never have a chance to grow!


So this pillar is all about showing up every day for your business, checking out your action plan, and consistently checking off the task list for the week – even when it seems like nothing is happening, having patience, giving it a chance to see if it’s working before moving on to something else.
Part 2 of this pillar: ACCOUNTABILITY, which is key to helping you stay consistent.

The accountability aspect is the secret sauce to success. It’s where you take ownership of what you said you were going to do and then commit to show up consistently for yourself and your business.

As coaches you know that accountability is critical to your clients’ success, right?

Pillar #3:TOOLS

When I say tools, I don’t just mean software for running your business – I also mean leveraging resources that have been created specifically for what you are trying to do, by people who have already done it!
Things like training, tutorials, cheatsheets, and checklists that are going to help you where you are right now and where you want to go.


Finding a set of tools that you can use to solve the problems that you’re facing to help you check off your daily and weekly to-do list and get you making forward progress.


This can also include leveraging done-for-you content, where necessary. It pays to take advantage of the tools that will help you save time and energy where you can afford to use them.

Not every single thing you do day-to-day should require a ton of work and in fact you need a lot of what you’re doing daily and weekly to not be incredibly labor- or time-intensive to free up your energy for things that only you can do – such as coaching your clients!! So you figure out where you can leverage these types of resources to support your business.


Pillar #4: COMMUNITY

This is actually (believe it or not!) the most important pillar. Immersing yourself in a community of like-minded individuals who are looking to achieve the same types of goals can be the miracle-gro to your business.

“A rising tide lifts all boats”


Being in a community means you can connect with collaborators to help each other grow. You can cheer each other on when you have wins, and support one another when you’re in the hard phases of your business.
You can also learn from each other, motivate each other, share resources, and give each other feedback.

Also, referral marketing has one of the highest conversion rates so it’s absolutely worth connecting with other coaches who can tap into their own audience and refer clients.


Tap into a support system to help you set and reach your goals!

The good news is that all 4 of these pillars are part of the Profitable Health Coach Collective, an amazing space for health coaches and other wellness professionals to connect and take advantage of all four pillars I’ve outlined here.


Keep an eye open for an upcoming announcement of how you can get in early and take advantage of some amazing resources for your business!

Laurie Mallon

Podcast Host

Creator of  The Profitable Health Coach Framework

Data Privacy Specialist

Web Designer & Conversion Strategist