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21: Lean into Leadership With Your Natural Connection Style

by | Aug 17, 2022 | Podcast

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In this episode I’m chatting with Life and Career Coach, Lisa Robles, the CEO of Lisa Robles Coaching. Lisa specializes in helping women lean in to their natural strengths, grow as leaders, and live their lives with ease, joy, and flow.


Lisa is a Certified Life Coach, a Marine Corps veteran, a wife, a mother of 3, and a grandmother of 2. Her passion to help more women advance in their career and businesses while raising a family was born out of the struggles and difficulty she faced as she tried to balance work and home herself.

Along the way Lisa  figured out two things:
1. You don’t need to work ‘like a man’ to advance in the business world (as an employee or an entrepreneur!)
2. The world, including the corporate workplace, is a better place when people lean into their own innate and personal communication styles.

She now uses the DISC assessment tool to help her clients tap in to what comes naturally to them to connect with everyone around them – including their coworkers, clients, team members, friends, and family.

Listen in as we talk about how learning the style that comes naturally to you can help you grow and connect with those around you with ease.

Connect with Lisa to get your own DISC assessment by sending her a message at

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