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22: FB Ads and Paid Traffic Campaigns with Stacy Reed

by | Sep 13, 2022 | Podcast

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In this episode I sit down with Facebook Ads expert Stacy Reed, to chat about the marketing foundation you need to have when it comes time to scale your business with Facebook ads and paid traffic campaigns.

She clearly breaks down a process that often overwhelms entrepreneurs into a step-by-step strategy that makes it easy for business owners at all levels to understand. She shares her top tips and actionable steps that you can use right away!


Stacy is obsessed with elevating eCommerce brands to new heights with strategic marketing. Stacy has generated over $150 Million running paid social advertising campaigns at Zappos for some of the largest shoe and apparel brands in the world.

stacy reed
She uses her 11 years of marketing experience to amplify brands as the CEO of her consulting agency Stacy Zeal & Co.

When she isn’t speaking or consulting, she is practicing yoga and inspiring others to live their best lives out loud.

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