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27: Boost Your Business by Hosting Live Events with Annie Toth

by | Nov 1, 2023 | Podcast

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In this episode I chat with Annie Toth, a live event consultant, who works with entrepreneurs and community builders to help them plan and execute profitable in-person events. With a background in event planning and leadership development, Annie brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her clients.

Episode Summary:

Annie Toth, a live event consultant, shares her journey into the world of event planning and how she helps entrepreneurs and community builders create successful in-person events. She emphasizes the importance of putting the guests first and tailoring the event to meet their needs.

Annie also discusses the different types of events that can be hosted, such as workshops, parties, retreats, and conferences, and how they can be integrated into a business’s sales funnel. She provides valuable tips for planning and hosting live events, including having a clear purpose, focusing on the guest experience, and starting small to test the waters.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Live events should be focused on the guests and their experience.
  2. Events can be tailored to meet specific business goals, such as lead generation or upselling.
  3. Starting small and keeping it simple can be just as effective as hosting a large, elaborate event.
  4. Authenticity and connection are key in building trust with attendees.
  5. Planning and hosting live events can be a valuable addition to a business’s sales funnel.


  • “It has to be about your guests first. You’ll absolutely get your time to shine.”
  • “Make it easy on yourself. Leverage the resources that you already have.”
  • “Focus on the guest experience and build the value first.”
  • “Starting small and testing the waters can be a great way to begin hosting live events.”
  • “Authenticity and connection are crucial in building trust with attendees.”

Meet Annie

Annie Toth is a live event expert with 15 years of experience in the field. As an Event Consultant, she works with entrepreneurs and community builders to help them profitably bring their people together in person

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