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28: Attracting Abundance with Heart-Centered Business Alignment with Pipsa Valkeila

by | Nov 25, 2023 | Podcast

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In this episode I chat with Pipsa Valkeila, a business mentor who helps conscious and compassionate women entrepreneurs go from overwhelm, burnout, hustle and scarcity to authenticity, peace, excitement and abundance.

Going from being one of Finland’s most influential sustainability advocates with over 10,000 active readers and mentions from the biggest media platforms of the country, she has grown to become a mentor, helping entrepreneurs get incredible results in alignment, impact, wealth and happiness.

Meet Pipsa

Pipsa is a mentor for conscious and compassionate women entrepreneurs, helping them create aligned businesses full of heart, impact and abundance.

Pipsa lives in a small countryside town in Finland with her partner and two little ones and can be found swimming in lakes, breathing in the fresh air of the forests and basking in the wonder of it all.

Pipsa’s website

Her online course: Aligned & Abundant:

Free gift: 6 things blocking your abundance and how to fix them – A guide to the conscious and compassionate entrepreneur.

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