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29: From Solo to #squadgoals: The power of connection, collaboration, and community for online business owners

by | Apr 20, 2024 | Podcast

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Want to know the secret sauce to a profitable online business? Hint: It’s a band of ‘biz besties’ who get it because they know what it’s like to ride the highs and lows of online solopreneurship.

In this episode, my guests Jen and Jessica met each other – and their soon-to-be band of besties – at a marketing conference and created a bond that extended far beyond business, all while ….hunting for a Maribel dress from Encanto? YUP! They share the story of how a shared mission to find a very specific souvenir over the course of a weekend brought them together and forged invaluable connections. Their chats went from group texts to monthly Zoom calls, and they realized their connection was having a huge impact on their business success.

From this they created a mastermind community that isn’t your average networking group; it’s a unique blend of trust, referral relationships, and connections that celebrates every member’s success.

Meet Jen and Jessica

Jen is a Nationally Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC),  Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coach, Certified Cycle Instructor, mom, and wife living in Minneapolis, MN. 

With over 10 years of experience in Marketing, Project Management and Leadership for corporations, Jen became passionate about helping others through their health and wellness journey after overcoming her own health challenges. 

Jen has since helped hundreds of others create healthier, happier and more fulfilled lives through her caring and strengths-driven approach to coaching. 

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Jessica is a featured Kartra Certified Partner, as recognized by Kartra (Genesis Digital), a three-time Kartra Community Member of the Month (September 2021, July 2022, & January 2024), A Funnel Gorgeous Certified Master Marketer and has been featured on numerous business and marketing podcasts such as Flip Your Marketing Flops, Superwoman Soul, VA Tips, Tricks + Advice, and The Styled Mind, and was a top 10 Launch Gorgeous participant for Spring 2022.

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Episode Transcript:

Welcome everyone. I am here today with Jen Wright and Jessica Scotten, and they run a community for digital entrepreneurs who want to find connection with other entrepreneurs who understand how isolating and lonely it can be in the online business world. Jen is a business and marketing strategist, and she’s also a nationally board-certified health and wellness coach. She helps her clients create and grow businesses that align with their values and strengths, so they can avoid burnout, have more energy and build the business they want. Jessica is a Kartra top expert in automations and funnel specialist and a certified master marketer. Welcome, thank you so much.

0:01:36 – Jessica
I’m so excited to be here with you.

0:01:39 – Laurie
This is a topic we have not yet covered on the podcast, and this is all about collaboration, community and basically having that group of biz besties that you can connect with and lean on and support and help you grow in your entrepreneurial journey. This is such an important topic.

0:01:57 – Jen
Honestly, like it’s sort of like a little kept secret. Like, if you think of like Amy Porterfield and Jenna Kutcher, think about their like relationship circles and networks that they have, like that is really what has built them into who they are today, but like no one talks about it, and so it is sort of this like little kept secret. They’re starting to come out, they’re starting to have more conversations about it, but it’s just been really recent, and so we feel like the idea and the topic of relationship marketing is going to in year.

0:02:24 – Jessica
You’re gonna start hearing a lot more about it from some of these bigger names what we’re seeing, and probably for a week in our text message thread that is still going from a year ago. Um, for like a week everybody kept sending screenshots of this big name is doing a community. This big name is doing a community. No, like curriculum style, there was no teaching involved. It was everybody kind of at the same time. For us, we might have been a little bit ahead of it because we started putting this together. We had our August brainstorming weekend and then, coming into the end of the year, just starting to see so many places are doing communities and so many big names are just doing no, this is just community. This is just for to see so many places are doing community and so many big names are just doing no, this is just community. This is just for building relationships. So there’s something there.

0:03:10 – Laurie
Right, like the network is your network Exactly, and so there’s really more attention that needs to be paid and more conversations around having opportunities and what this looks like to be a solopreneur, and how can we come together? Why don’t you tell me how you met? Oh yeah, it’s such a good story.

0:03:28 – Jessica
So eight unknowing people went to a marketing conference almost exactly a year ago today and we all went in knowing nobody and there’s a little bit of solopreneur social anxiety, a little bit of that apprehension that hits in the pit of your stomach that you just say I don’t know anybody, how am I going to do? Do I have a quiet space to go to refresh and shut down? And in the community Facebook group for this event, somebody had put up hey, I want to start a text thread of people going by themselves. And a whole bunch of people ended up in it and I didn’t pay any attention to it until like the day before, and there was one that said hey, after everybody gets registered, do you want to meet for a drink? At the place around the corner. And it was like well, I should go, I’m going to meet people, I’m going to have new experiences, I should get over myself and go sit at the table. And everybody was great and everybody was wonderful. And then there was eight of us who split out of that and said, well, let’s go get dinner.

So we were in Orlando, we were at a Disney property, we got on the bus, we went to Disney Springs and somebody said one of the girls said before she got there. She said my daughters are really, really, really looking for the Maribel dress. Encanto had just came out. The Maribel dress was all the rage and I was like, oh, I was here three weeks ago, I know exactly where the dress is. And we walked over to the place and the dress isn’t there because Encanto is on fire.

The staff was like we don’t have any. We get shipments every day, but it’s really first come, first serve. Okay, we’re here for three days, we’ll come back tomorrow. So we went off, we had dinner, we shared food around the table which is like the secret of how you make friends and how you introduce yourselves to new people Took the bus back, had really amazing conversation, did it again the next day and she goes. Can we go look for the dress again? Like, yeah, we’ll go for the dress, jen. Did we get the dress on the third, second day or the third day?

0:05:28 – Jen
I think it was the third day. It became this like thing that we all just really connected around and it was great because it was just like brought up conversation. We were talking about it every day hey, we’re going to get over there to like go see at what time are we going to go off there. And day, hey, we’re going to get over there to like go see at what time are we going to go off there. And it just like created that like a common mission, right, Just in that moment, totally unrelated to business, but super fun at the same time, Cause it got us out to Disney Springs and it got us walking around and also having these side conversations and learning about each other kind of, while we had something else to focus on and I think that was like a huge thing for me and some of the other girls.

You know, I tend to be like a little bit on the high anxiety kind of scale of things and it was great to have like a mission for us to like focus in on and not it wasn’t high pressure, Like we were sitting down at a table doing this like speed networking type situation that can feel really high pressure. This was like fun and so it was different for us and we created this relationship that really blossomed into something more.

0:06:28 – Jessica
After we came back, we started a text thread and I drove from Orlando to South Florida and I think there was like 175 unread text messages by the time I drove two and a half hours home of just everybody’s ideas and this feels really good. This feels really great. These are women that I’ve never had this kind of connection with before. Nobody is in a competing industry. Everybody does something a little different, so there was no weirdness between everybody while we were building these initial connections and the conversation came up is I want to keep this going, so we put on the calendar hey, we’ll do a monthly zoom where everybody’s just going to come in and maybe we have challenges or things that we need to get out of our system, that the people in our lives aren’t really the best suited for.

Your sisters, your brothers, your spouses they don’t know what it means when you say things like, lori, what you said to me the other day your SSL certificate is not working properly. Or somebody who’s in my Dream 100 shared a post that I wrote and that means the world to me. Or I’m having challenges with my client and I don’t know how to properly express it as a solopreneur, which is what we all identify as you don’t. It doesn’t come with a built-in support system, so when you have those really tough challenges, who do you go to? Your husband doesn’t want to hear about it. Your wife doesn’t have any clue what you’re talking about. Your friends are like I don’t know what you mean by all of this. And it’s hard because you go from having wanting to have these conversations to almost training yourself to not having the conversations because people look at you really strangely.

0:08:26 – Laurie
Or you have to give like a 10 minute backstory to explain all of the terms that you’re going to be using, what this all means, kind of give the context, and by the and by the end they’ve got like that glazed look on their face and they’re like when does this end? What is?

0:08:40 – Jen
she saying Just smile and nod and pray it’s over soon too, because we all have that in common, like a common challenge, and it’s and there is something when you can come together as a group and say like, hey, we’re all experiencing this and now we don’t have to give the backstory on everything. It’s like a breath of fresh air. You know you’re like, oh my gosh, it didn’t take me 10 minutes to explain what just happened in my business. When I say SSL certificate, all of us know what happens. Or when I say my you know first name on my email didn’t populate right and now everyone got hi, first name right. We’ve all been there Like it’s. You know, it’s one of those things where you can all like kind of commiserate on together and be like, oh yeah, that’s happened to me.

0:09:30 – Jessica
The one that really struck the chord with me the most was something that none of us did. I was in a Facebook group and somebody posted I just had the best month in my business and I have no one to celebrate with. And I about cried because I’ve been there landing big clients, hitting metrics that you didn’t think were possible, meeting the goals that you wrote out for. Well, nobody knows what it means when you say, like I’m so excited that I have 500 members in my private Facebook group now. That’s a win for some people, but like to somebody else, they’re like I don’t know what that means, but yay, I guess. And then you don’t feel good about your win. So as we came together and as we started doing these what started out as monthly conversations, which then turned into weekly conversations we all started to notice that we were getting better independently and we were all getting better together.

0:10:25 – Jen
I would say as myself. I’m a nationally board certified health and wellness coach and coaching. It can be really a very solitary business, right and same with solopreneur, right. And so isolating is usually the word that I use, because you are either speaking to someone one-on-one in a coaching session and then as soon as you’re off, you’re by yourself again. Right, and it can feel really isolating and alone.

So to have that community to be able to come to it just changes the game, because when you’re by yourself, you know there’s self-doubt that pops in.

There’s a lot of questions you feel like you can’t answer, maybe there’s roadblocks that you feel like you’re so close to the problem. You just cannot get over that hump to like figure out, like what do I do next? And just being able to come to a group and be like blah, like this is what’s happening, and someone outside of the box is like, oh well, why don’t you just go ahead and do step one? And you think to yourself the first time why on earth did I not think about that three hours ago? You know, and like that in the moment, I think just shows you the power of the community. When stuff like that happens, it just it’s like it, like expedites so much of what you would normally deal with on your own. When you can have, you can say like hey, I have this idea, I’ve been thinking about it, it’s been stuck in my head. I can’t get rid of it. Do you think this is a good?

0:11:35 – Laurie
idea, or do you think?

0:11:35 – Jen
it’s going to turn into like this big monster that’s going to become a bigger thing. We call those demon babies in our community and when they’re all like, oh my gosh, that’s such a good idea, you need to move forward with that. It gives you that sense of confidence to be able to just do some really amazing things, or they’re like put that off to the side. There’s something so empowering to be like. You’re totally right. I’m so glad you said that I’m putting it off to the side and moving forward that you could have otherwise just completely derailed yourself and your business, not having kind of that extra input or somebody outside of the box to give you that.

0:12:09 – Laurie
Okay. So just to recap, having this group is kind of like a sounding board. There’s validation, there’s some reflecting and there’s some what I call like the shiny object protection squad. They’re like nope, we’re not going to do that, stay over here. But you’re right when it’s just you and you’re doing your own thing and you’re like is this a good idea? I think I should do this.

I don’t know, and I personally I have ADHD and I always feel like the new idea is the best idea because it’s shiny and it’s fun and there’s so much possibility. I would love to have somebody like kind of sit next to me going Laurie, all right, get back over here, yes, yes, get back on the road here, do the thing that you don’t really want to do, and you know which is why you’re distracted to do this other fun thing. So you found that having this group helped you personally, helped you professionally, because you were growing your businesses. You had that support, you had people to bounce ideas off of. That kind of kept you from getting sidetracked, distracted. That kept you on track with the goals that you would have already set, kept you on track with the goals that you had already set and moving and making progress.

0:13:18 – Jen
Yep, absolutely.

And as we became more comfortable and felt that safety net with each other, we were able to open up and even become vulnerable, right, and I think that really took kind of this community to a whole.

Nother level is when we were able to jump on and shed some tears or say I’m having a really terrible day or week or month or whatever. It is Right, and having us all be either like oh my gosh I’ve totally been there before in my experience. Here’s something I did to be like, oh my gosh, thank you, I needed that like extra push to say like I can get through this. Or for someone to be like, hey, I’m going to sit down, let’s just cry together, because sometimes we all just need that too. And and especially as a solopreneur and a coach, as when you do feel so isolated, that can feel really, I mean there’s like a healing element to it, right, when you feel like you you’re at it all at your own and then suddenly you have this group together, that’s kind of giving you like a virtual hug to say like, hey, you’re having a crappy day and that’s okay and we’re here for you and it doesn’t need to, we don’t need to fix it, but we’re just letting you know like we’re here.

0:14:22 – Laurie
Tell me how this evolved into creating Kaleidoscope.

0:14:26 – Jen
We realized that this group of eight was really something special and we were getting so many benefits out of it. We knew that there were more kind of solopreneurs out there that were dealing with the same challenges that we were dealing with, and we didn’t want to just kind of keep this to ourselves. We thought it was really important to be able to help other solopreneurs going through those same exact challenges, and so we decided to really like make something of it. I think, jessica, if I remember, like the first thing we did was we were like let’s all get together. We’re going to fly out for a long weekend in Chicago and let’s mastermind on it. And so we got together. We did this like mastermind weekend where we were like what are we? What are we doing? Like where are we going with this?

We a couple of our members went down to a conference and came up with this idea that like wow, wouldn’t it be so great to like create a community or a conference? And it really was like okay, let’s, let’s plan it. So we spent this weekend together. It was so much fun and we came up with some like great ideas, and one of them was basically what is now Kaleidoscope Co, and it’s this community of solopreneurs that are really all about connection, collaboration and community. Those are our top three kind of values and focuses and it’s just been the most incredible kind of experience of seeing this community come together and grow and continue to just like strengthen, even as we get to know new members and things like that. So it’s been so much fun.

0:15:53 – Jessica
Now there’s a private mastermind for the year and now we have people that were passing those principles on to through training, through collaboration, through connection, through building really strong relationships with others.

It builds your network and now we’re starting to see the spider web of people mixing and mingling. And this person’s talking to this person and this person’s chatting with one of the core the founders and now they’re collaborating and now they have projects going and they’re building this web of people that they know really well. And that’s the most magical part of it is members of the mastermind organization that are saying I had a call with this person and it went really well and I’m going to hire her to do this thing. Or I had a call and she really helped me get unstuck, which is one of the properties of a collaboration, and the collaboration calls is properties of a collaboration, and the collaboration calls is let us help you get there. Whether it’s you have an idea that you need to work out, whether you’re stuck in something, whether you’re having trouble with something, there’s a community sounding board for you to let those things go, and seeing that be changed in other people is really magnificent.

0:17:16 – Jen
We sometimes get compared to like a networking group or a networking community, and when I entered into the solopreneur world I joined a ton of networking like local networking groups and things like that, and they’re great, they have their purpose for certain reasons. But after meeting with like so many people in those organizations and not truly feeling like I got to know them all that well, I kind of knew what they do, but what I found was they would be really interested in developing a referral relationship with me, which was super great. I would refer people to them. But I would always feel a little let down because maybe the experience wasn’t something that I kind of envisioned. It should have been for my person that I referred over to them, and so for me I really struggled to develop a sense of trust in those referral relationships where here we’re so tightly connected and we get to know each other on such a close community sense that when I refer to someone it’s because I truly believe that that is like the solution that the person needs, and so there’s just something so much different and I know when people refer to me it’s the same way, and so we have this like exchange of trust that is different than any other kind of network or community that I’ve been a part of.

And also, we give each other feedback, which is so great, right, like you know, if someone was to refer to me and something happened, they would be like hey, I touched base with so-and-so the other day and you know they were, you know they gave me some feedback. Would you be open to hearing it? I’d be like, absolutely, I want to make my business better, right, and I don’t feel like I’ve been able to do that in any other community to be able to help each other, actually, like make each other’s business better. It’s not just solely about referrals, it’s about all the angles of business, which is, I think, what makes us different.

0:18:50 – Laurie
So, I can relate to that because I know that I have joined networking groups in person and online, and it almost seems like people conflate networking with promotion. They come into these networking groups thinking how can I benefit, how can you help me, and it’s very much a push, like they just give you their information. Here’s my card, here’s my website, here’s this, and I’m like, well, I need to know something about you, I need to know, I need to develop some trust with you before I’m going to send someone to you. Like, cause, it’s going to reflect poorly on me if I send someone to you and you are just you know, it’s not a great experience and guess what? I’ve lost that relationship now too. So you know, there’s gotta be some kind of connection, like you were saying, on a personal level and professional right. So you have to trust that they are good people, they’re, they’re ethical, they’re going to do what they say that they’re going to do. I trust you to take care of the people that I’m sending you so that I’d feel good about it.

0:19:48 – Jen
We have a pretty large, it’s growing free Facebook group, which is great. It’s just a great way for people to kind of step into our world, be able to understand. We actually offer once a month collaboration calls with that community, just so that they can kind of get a taste of like, let’s see what it’s like to be in a community like this and then if they’re interested in really, you know, meeting on a more regular basis and getting a little bit more of that sort of like mentorship from a business side, things like that, then that’s where our mastermind group comes in. Kind of officially I’ve called it a mastermind, even though I would say it’s a little bit more of like this hybrid experience of what it actually is.

We get together on a weekly basis for different style calls and then we actually are so excited we have coming up a in-person mastermind like conference that we’re doing with these members, where we’re going back to Chicago with them and we’re going to do a little mastermind week with everyone who is now our members. So it’s kind of fun because it brings it back full circle from like the moment we sort of created it, which was in Chicago, and now we’re like back again with our bigger group doing more masterminding, if someone wanted to just be a part of the community, check it out and sort of jump onto those monthly collaboration calls. We just want to be able to connect anybody that we can, which is why that free group is there. But for the person who really wants to kind of take it to that next level, get really involved and be a part of this sort of deeper community, that’s where we have the mastermind.

0:21:08 – Laurie
So Okay, now talk to me about the real 50 and how that works.

0:21:19 – Jessica
Real 50 is the idea that if you had 50 close people that you knew the ins and outs of their business, what they offered, what they did, and you can refer business back and forth. That’s all you need. You can actually really do okay with 10, but make it aspirational and make it 50 is where that all comes in. There’s a lot of talk about your dream 100. A lot of times on people’s D100s, I see Tony Robbins, I see Oprah, I see Russell Brunson. I see people that are so far removed from where they are that there’s not really a chance that you’re going to meet that person. I would love it if Oprah was referring business to me.

So what we talk about when we say the real 50 is a closer knit connection to people that you know. I know. If I need somebody for a WordPress website, I know there’s only one person that I’m sending that to. We have somebody in our group who is a spectacular graphic designer. If somebody is coming to me looking for a graphic designer, I know exactly where I’m sending them to. It’s not. Oh, you should check out this weird Facebook group and put a post in there. No, I have a name, I have personal experience and that’s the person that I’m going to send you to.

0:22:31 – Laurie
I like that. We’re taking it from. You’re probably never going to get to you know, oprah, saying you get a client, you get a client here, you go, here’s some work, but it’s you’re bringing it down to like it’s realistic. So bringing it in a level or two and saying, instead of the aspirational this many, let’s make it realistic, this many, and that’s all you need and that can actually take you pretty far.

0:22:58 – Jen
Hugely far Like, if you think about it, like what would 50 close people who knew exactly what you do in your business knew you were accepting new clients, knew that you, you know, helped a very specific type of ICA or, you know, ideal client, whatever and they knew all of that about you? You know to the point where, as soon as they bumped into someone, they’re like, oh my gosh, I need to introduce you to Jessica. She’s super, she’s the Kartra queen. Like I need her, you know.

So I mean, you know what kind of power would that have? It’s, it really is a huge impact on your business and we are literally seeing that come to life right now, which is so much fun. We have, like some really fun statistics as we’ve been going. One of the great statistics we love to have and Jessica, you’re going to have to tell me, because I know that you know it better than I do has been like the total dollar amount that we’ve been able to refer like in our group. Every time I hear it, I’m just like what Are you serious? That’s amazing.

0:23:51 – Jessica
So within the eight of us that originally started, we could put actual measurable numbers. From November to October, when we put it all together, we had referred and passed $50,000 worth of business between us to each other Amazing. Now, that’s not necessarily me hiring Jen, but I have hired people within the group. It’s also me saying to somebody that comes into my world I need help with something and then sending that client to them. And that was only with the eight of us, for a six month period, that we measured it.

0:24:25 – Laurie

0:24:26 – Jen
Yeah, incredible. And the thing I think that is really important to note from that is that wasn’t our goal, right, and that’s always the thing for us is like we’re not that group. That’s like focusing every single month to be like how many dollars in referral dollars did you pass this month? Right, we didn’t. We don’t do any of that. It just happened to be a question six months later to be like you know, we really have been referring a lot of business to each other. I wonder how much that would be in total if we calculated it up and then we sat back and we looked at it, right? So at no point was that actually a focus for us during those six months. It just happened to be something we were curious about at the end of it.

0:24:58 – Laurie
So that’s just like a nice added bonus, right? So now you’ve got this core group of people that you know you can depend on, you can lean on, you can collaborate with, and then having that additional revenue being created as a result of this connection is just, it’s just frosting. I love that. That is great. I have two things that I just I have to ask, because this is how my mind works. One is what if you have jerks? How do you screen people to make sure jerks don’t get in? Or like people who are just going to come in and be spammy and gross and like screw everybody over and ruin the party.

0:25:35 – Jen
We build the relationship before someone’s coming into this mastermind, and so it would be very odd for us to have someone just like suddenly sign up for the mastermind without any of us, like have are keeping it limited to, like a certain number of people, which I also think helps to, you know, make sure that everyone is playing nicely.

0:26:06 – Laurie
So you kind of have a subtle vetting process in that it’s not just an open door and they can just join and then they’re part of the group and they’re here and they can do whatever, but they kind of have to show who they are before they can be in the group and part of the network.

0:26:19 – Jessica
Yeah, it’s not so much like invitation only, because it definitely is public and it is available to anyone who wanted to be a part of it. I think Jill, who’d absolutely get the hat tip for writing the best, the most incredible copy for the offer, has really helped in manage the expectations of people. We talk about acting heart forward. We talk about doing the right thing, being a community, being support for others and getting support in return, and in knowing how great copy works. Great copy also deflects the people that you don’t want.

0:27:00 – Laurie
So you’re attracting and repelling at the same time. So if somebody’s got it in the back of their head that they’re going to join the group and scam the hell out of it, that copy is going to be like oh no, this is not the place for me, no thanks.

0:27:14 – Jen
Yeah, exactly, and also just with our regular calls that we do. So we do weekly calls with the community and they’re on different kind of focuses, so whether it’s a collaboration call or celebration call, but we also do training calls with them, and all of our training call topics have kind of a focus in on how do I do this with the idea of relationship marketing in mind, right? So how do I do social media with the idea of relationship marketing in mind, relationship marketing in mind, and so those are all just like really great trainings that help to just kind of almost further develop the skills of our mastermind to say, here’s how we do this as a relationship, as a group, as a community, and so we’re continuing to even help each other like hone those skills in along the way.

So so it’s like a development process, all like, every step of the way is is is kind of getting people in mindset of if you’d like to be part of this.

This is who we are, this is how we act and this is kill the fun for everyone. And so it’s really important to us that we really do maintain that Also, just because, like I mentioned before, like the feedback that we’re open to giving each other, like if someone we know that everyone is the first and foremost right, we have to kind of assume everyone’s there for positive intent and they’re just, you know, doing it because maybe they just don’t know of a better way. Like there would be no reason why one of our members wouldn’t be able to reach out and say, like hey, let’s have a conversation. You know, what you’re doing is a little bit. Maybe, you know, maybe it’s offending some people or whatever it is. Let’s talk about a way. Or you know how do we bring that to be able to help nurture those relationships a little bit better. Like, hey, let’s talk about some ways we can do this a little bit more effectively. And I’d love to help you out, and we have all offered to do that for our mastermind members that come on.

0:29:06 – Laurie
So that’s a good point. They may not even realize that what they’re doing is out of alignment with how you want it done right. Because in online business I’ve seen from one end to the other of the spectrum of how to behave and promote yourself and get clients and do business people just may not even be aware that what they’re doing is offensive or inappropriate or spammy, and so you call them in and you say, look, you know, let’s just have a conversation. This is how we feel about what’s going on. Can we talk about it?

0:29:36 – Jen

0:29:36 – Laurie
Yeah, I love it. Okay.

0:29:39 – Jen
Another thing I was going to ask was is it specifically for women or we don’t have any specific rules that says, like it’s only women, anybody can join it. Just through our sort of you know, ideal client development, we’ve kind of realized that that’s just where our branding leans.

0:29:56 – Laurie
Got it. Okay, I thought of that and I was like it sounds like it started with a group of women, but I don’t know where it’s going, so I didn’t know if that changes the dynamic.

0:30:06 – Jessica
When we’re planning all of this. The conversation was is this for only women? Is this for men? What about the non-binary community? There is no designation on the sales page, on any of our verbiage, through anything that designates that this is a women’s only experience. That being said, this year’s cycle is women only. If a male were to join, that’s wonderful and we’re very excited that you’re here and we can’t wait to see what you bring to the community. We knew going in that we probably weren’t going to attract that audience, but if it happened, we would be very receptive to it.

0:30:42 – Jen
We all kind of collectively agree that we want to be really inclusive and kind of all are welcome, all are loved, kind of a group, and so I think that’s going to maintain, you know, probably through the next year and again, you know, our branding kind of hits one way, but everyone’s able to come.

0:30:59 – Laurie
So yeah, perfect, awesome. Thank you so much. You have something for our listeners, which is awesome. This is the seven ways to build connections that grow your business, and I’m going to be putting the link in the show notes as well. Can you tell me, but just like a little tease of what they’re going to get?

0:31:16 – Jen
Yeah, it’s a really great tool we put together just because we wanted to help people get started on this journey if they were interested in relationship marketing and understanding how that all works.

0:31:26 – Jessica
This guide gives you seven actionable steps that you can put into your business that help you build that connection piece from in-person events to digital events, those little tips that if you’re doing this by yourself, you might not be getting. We know a lot of people that are moving to a solo business haven’t done this before. One of the things that’s in the guide that we found really helpful was digital business cards, something that you can show up with and say, oh, here’s a scan, here’s all of my information, but actually use it to follow up and show up with intention and show up in a valuable way that says hey, I’m really glad we got to chat last week. Your dog is so cute, because that might be the little bit of personal that you got out of it. Can we have a coffee conversation to further our relationship and follow up on those things and show up for yourself.

0:32:21 – Laurie
Awesome, I love that. Okay, I’m going to be putting that in the show notes and all of our listeners can grab that. So let’s talk about how listeners can connect with both of you. Jessica, where are you? Where can they find you? Sure.

0:32:33 – Jessica
So my business outside of Kaleidoscope is Pineapple Relations pineapplerelationscom, instagram and Facebook it all runs under Pineapple Relations and I work with individuals looking to grow and scale their businesses using the Cardtrip platform. And then you can also find us in the community connections and collaborations Facebook group that is open to anyone who wants to join and be a part of our little world.

0:32:56 – Laurie
Perfect and Jen, where can our listeners connect with you?

0:32:59 – Jen
world Perfect and Jen, where can our listeners connect with you? Yeah, so, outside of Kaleidoscope I am, you can find me. I own wellspiredco, so Wellspired Collaborative, and we are a training and development company for health and wellness coaches and professionals to help them either grow and deepen their skills as health and wellness coaches and professionals or to help to grow their business. So, and you can find us at Wellspired Co, pretty much all over the social medias or wellspiredco.

0:33:25 – Laurie
Perfect. I’m going to be putting all of your links in the show notes so people can find you wherever they hang out and connect with you and find out more about Kaleidoscope, join your free group, et cetera. Awesome, perfect, well, this has been fantastic. Thank you so much, both of you, for coming by today and talking about everything that you’re doing about Kaleidoscope and the Real 50 and sharing your free gift with us. Thank you so much, thanks, thank you so much. Itunes or wherever you listen to podcasts, and be sure to subscribe so you’ll be notified when the next episode is live. Check out our show notes for this episode, where you can find any of the links and resources that were mentioned during the show. Thanks for listening and we’ll catch you in the next episode.

Laurie Mallon

Podcast Host

Creator of  The Profitable Health Coach Framework

Data Privacy Specialist

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