Create a 90-Day Content Marketing Plan 

Join me as I walk through the strategy I use to create content that engages your audience, attracts your ideal clients, and converts followers into subscribers.

You’ll get access to the custom built content planning tool that I developed to help my web design clients drive traffic to their new websites – The 10-Minute Marketing Plan.

This tool takes takes key information about you and your offers and automatically creates a plan that gets you visible and builds engagement, priming your audience to become buyers!

You’ll get:

  • Lifetime access to The 10-Minute Marketing Plan, my proprietary content planning tool, which you can then use to create as many strategic 90-day social media and long-form content plans as you’d like!
  • A set of customizable social media templates for Canva
  • 20 fill-in-the-blank long email newsletter starters to help you consistently email your list

Duration: 60 Minutes

Date: October 3rd, 11 am Eastern

Cost: $199

Run a Seasonal Challenge to Make Money During the Holidays

If you’ve ever found yourself in a seasonal sales slump around the holidays, I’ll show you how to create a short-term program to bring in some cash until your January revenue comes through. 

My first year in business all of my month-to-month clients decided to take the holidays off!
None of them wanted to pay for training when they knew they’d rather be baking cookies, shopping for gifts, or traveling to spend time with family.

As a newer coach I was still depending on that income to pay my bills so I threw together a short term holiday program that addressed the specific needs of my audience, helping them to stay mindful and present through the holidays. That challenge saved Christmas and I’ve shared this exact strategy with coaching clients over the years to help get them through the holidays.

You’ll get:

  • A checklist for running a short-term, holiday specific program
  • The materials I sent my clients to use as a guide
  • Customizable emails to give your clients during the holiday program
  • Customizable social media templates to promote your own holiday program


Duration: 60 Minutes

Date: October 4th, 11 am Eastern

Cost: $149

Using Social Proof to Simplify Selling

In this live training I’ll show you how to collect amazing testimonials that actually make selling easier!

Social proof is one of the strongest trust signals we can use in our marketing. Your potential clients want nothing more than to know that you can help them get from where they are to where they want to be.

When done right, using social proof in your marketing can move leads along your funnel, and convert them from followers to buyers.

Having a handful of amazing testimonials would make a world of difference in your business, but unfortunately you:

  • have a system or process for collecting your clients’ kind words
  • don’t know how to use those amazing testimonials in their marketing without feeling ‘braggy’
  • feel awkward asking for feedback
  • don’t know what questions to ask their happy clients to get a testimonial that sells

In this training I will walk you through the tools, systems, and strategies I use for collecting and using testimonials as part of your marketing content to help you convert followers into buyers.

You’ll get:

  • A walkthrough of the free tool you can use to collect amazing testimonials
  • The specific questions to ask your happy clients so they can clearly explain how you helped them
  • Email templates  to send to your clients to request testimonials
  • Social media post templates to incorporate powerful testimonials in your marketing
  • My tips on making collecting testimonials simple and painless!

Duration: 60 Minutes

Date: October 5th, 11 am Eastern

Cost: $49 $29

Transform Your Homepage

The biggest mistake that I see most people making when it comes to their website is that they think their website is all about them and their business. The truth is when a potential client lands on your website they want to know how  you can help them solve their problem!

I’ll show you how to tweak your homepage copy so your potential client feels seen and understood. We’ll also walk through the three things you absolutely MUST have on your homepage to accommodate the 3 types of visitors you’re going to get.

You will get:

  • My TPHC Homepage checklist to make sure your homepage attracts your ideal clients and repels everyone else
  • A WordPress homepage template you can use on your own website
    (*requires WordPress and Divi theme)
  • A Homepage Copy Cheatsheet that ensures you’re using the language and trust signals your ideal clients need to build that trust that leads to sales

Duration: 60 Minutes

Date: October 13th, 11 am Eastern

Cost: $99

Earn More With Affiliate Marketing

What can you do when you want to boost your bottom line, without adding more work to your plate?
Promote other people’s products and services! You make the money and someone else delivers!

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to create evergreen revenue streams for your business that don’t require your time and energy to produce.

In this workshop we will cover:

  • What is legally required when you promote other peoples products and services
  • How to create content that works to bring in revenue on autopilot
  • How to find programs products and services that align with and complement – but don’t compete with -your business
  • How to stay organized with all of the assets and information that affiliate marketing requires
  • How to create a content calendar that balances your offers and affiliate promotions

You’ll get:

  • My list of top affiliate programs for health and wellness providers
  • My Affiliate Income Tracker
  • My Affiliate Program Resource Tracker

Duration: 60 Minutes

Date: October 17th, 11 am Eastern

Cost: $49

Get Your First (or next!) 5 Clients! 

When I first started my business I actually had no idea how to get clients. I made every mistake imaginable and was frustrated beyond belief … until I found a super simple piece of advice. I almost ignored it because it was so simple, but I’m so glad I didn’t! Following that advice brought me my first few clients and the first $1k in my business!

I took the underlying principle and turned it into a repeatable system that I now teach my own clients when they are having trouble getting traction or just need a quick cash boost in their business.

If you feel like getting clients should be so much easier than it is, join me for this live training!

You’ll get:

  • My  5-step F.O.C.U.S Method broken down in detail 
  • Canva templates to use to promote your offer 
  • Social media posts you can copy, paste, and customize for your business
  • My personal ‘Ask Tracker’ to manage your offer asks and  follow-ups

Duration: 60 Minutes

Date: October 19th, 11 am Eastern

Cost:  $99

Cash in a Flash

In this training I’ll be sharing the four email sequence you can use to monetize your list in a flash and generate some quick cash without having to sell a high ticket program.

Using strategic tools and social proof I show you how to craft an email sequence that can send out to your list and net you some quick cash!

You’ll get:

  • My personal flash sale checklist that I use every time I run a flash sale
  • A done-for-you fill in the blank email sequence to send to your list –  just add your own products, links, and testimonials!
  • Training on how often to run a flash sale to generate a quick cash injection
  • Canva-based graphics to use on social and your website for your flash sale

Duration: 60 Minutes

Date: October 21st, 11 am Eastern

Cost: $99

Scale Your Business With Digital Products

Are you maxed out with 1:1 clients and strapped for time? If you want to stop trading your coaching hours for dollars and find a way to help more clients while making more space in your life – it’s time to add a digital product to your offer suite.

Creating a digital product that you can sell and deliver on autopilot can help free up your time so that you can focus on more profitable activities. It can also help your potential clients create the mindset shifts needed to move them along your funnel and prepare them for your higher ticket offers.

You’ll get:

  • My  nurture sequence to promote your introductory digital product to new subscribers
  • My digital product framework to create a high value digital product
  • Strategies to use scarcity and social proof to help convert new subscribers to buyers
  • Automation training to sell your digital product on autopilot

Duration: 60 Minutes

Date: October 25th, 11 am Eastern

Cost: $149

Grow Your Email List (Without ads or Canva!)

Tired of spending countless hours in Canva making ebooks, checklists, and cheatsheets that your subscribers never even look at?

I’ve been testing all types of list growth tools and one particular opt-in is working better than the rest combined!

Spoiler alert – it’s a quiz! Interactive content is far more likely to engage your audience and site visitors and have them opting in to your subscriber list!

You’ll get:

  • My quick quiz-building framework
  • My quiz question bank, including the 4 types of question you always want to include on every quiz!
  • A quiz template you can customize and use on your site to grow your list

Duration: 60 Minutes

Date: October 28th, 11 am Eastern

Cost: $149

Generate Recurring Revenue with a Membership Offer

Ready to get off the ‘find a client, help a client, find a client, help a client’ hamster wheel that has left you with unpredictable income and in a constant panic because you’re not exactly sure how, or if, you’ll meet your revenue goals from month to month?

Creating an offer that generates predictable, recurring monthly revenue is the key to eliminating income anxiety and giving you the mental bandwidth required to take your business to the next level.

Personally, offering a monthly membership was a complete game-changer for my business and I want the same for you!

In this training we’ll cover:

  • The various options for offering monthly products and services for your clients
  • Where your recurring revenue offer should fall in your offer suite (hint: it shouldn’t be your initial offer)
  • Strategies to retain month-to-month clients/customers and prevent cancellations

Duration: 60 Minutes

Date: October 31st, 11 am Eastern

Cost: $79