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06: Boost Your Business WIth a Podcast – Part 2

by | Aug 23, 2021 | Podcast

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In this episode I’m diving into the process of starting a podcast with Kristin Quiroz Bayona, podcast expert, and creator of The Podcast Accelerator,  a step-by-step course designed to fast track your podcast launch in just 30 days!

Here’s what we’re covering in the episode:

  • Why business owners are flocking to podcasting (hint: it’s a client-magnet)
  • How you can save HOURS each week by repurposing your episodes to create all of your marketing content – from social media to subscriber newsletters!
  • The pitfalls many podcasters when getting started (and how you can totally avoid them) 

I’ll also share how I used Kristin’s strategies in The Podcast Accelerator in my own business and doubled my client list.

I turned to podcasting  as a way to avoid blogging (anyone else hate writing??) and once I’d launched the podcast had me booked solid with new clients!

If you’re considering adding podcasting to your marketing strategy but have been confused or overwhelmed by the process, check out this episode!

Double podcast host Kristin Quiroz Bayona is on a mission to help women and women of color amplify their voices and businesses.

On her show, Podcast and Amplify, Kristin shares tips for creating a podcast that will help grow your online business and interviews successful entrepreneurs for their best business advice.

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